You’re probably pretty fed up of the Winter Olympics by now, right? All the events are essentially the same: bearded men careening around in lycra, a Polish woman smiling from a podium. We feel your pain. And that’s why, I’m sad to say, we’re going on, what modern bands call, ‘indefinite hiatus’. There won’t be a farewell tour, there won’t be a phone line for devastated fans, there is a clearance sale in the shop (http://www.churchofmerch.bigcartel.com).

I want to send my eternal gratitude to all fifteen (!) former Winter Olympians for believing in ‘the dream’ and being the best friends you could ever hope for; to the patient professionals who helped us drag our record over the line last year, and to everyone who ever put us on, put us up, or just put up with us (mostly Tim and Pippa, then).

Most of all, though, I want to send a big, big love to all of you, home and abroad, who came to shows, visited the Church of Merch, sang along and kept the scene alive. You’ve made the last twelve years (!) utterly unforgettable. We couldn’t have done this without you (we could of course, but it would have been worse. Probably easier to get to the bar…. but no, definitely worse). Thank you one all, we owe you.

While we try to work out what on earth to do next, Marty, me and Paul of Sound are doing some WIP gigs as ‘The West Midlands’ - our first is on Thursday 10th of April at The Dublin Castle with our great friends The Damn Vandals - lower your expectations and come down (it’s free, and we’ll be on very early). I’d like to think that if you liked The winter Olympics you’ll probably think this is alright too, but there’s only one way to find out.

I’ll keep this page alive and fill it with stuff from the vaults (oh man, have we got vaults) and Winter Olympic related news. Who knows, maybe one day that news will be ‘hiatus over’. 

See you on the lucrative 2024 comeback tour then.


Andrew Winter Olympics x

Please don’t boycott us, we’re just a pop group.

Please don’t boycott us, we’re just a pop group.

coup d'tea: Last night, my friend heard Billy Bragg speak to a lot of independent... ]

Always listen to joncurtis. (If it helps Jon we wrote an album about this. No one heard it though. Oh well, whatever, nevermind etc.) Never give up. 

Last night, my friend heard Billy Bragg speak to a lot of independent musicians. I love Billy Bragg, and I’m always interested in what he has to say, but the key thing that my friend took from what he said, what he remembers being the crux of his oration, both in a speech and during songs was:…

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